Welcome to Project SHINE!

I’m glad that you dropped by!

My name is Janna, and I’m the Creative Executive Inspirator (CEI) of Project SHINE. I made up that title. Not ashamed.

Janna Thompson I am better experienced than introduced. I am an Instigator, Adventure Enthusiast, Entrepreneur, Inspirational Speaker, Artist, Story Teller, Creative, and Writer. Lastly, I am the Matriarch of Team Thompson. Team Thompson consists of me, my husband of 17 years, and my 4 delightful children. I can’t wait to tell you more about our happy chaos!

Project SHINE I began Project SHINE after encountering the transforming love of The Father in 2017. From that moment, all I knew was the love of The Father. And, I knew that the world needed to know the adventure of this great love as well!

Version 1 of Project SHINE was a simple blog. Yet, word spread and Project SHINE grew! Project SHINE is now the banner under which I share the Fathers Love through speaking, blogging, videos, book writing, podcasts, art, and story telling.

I am daily thankful for the readers who joined me for version 1. Because you didn’t give up on me, you have helped me impact the nations through Project SHINE. Thank you for every “like”, every “share”, and every bit of feedback.

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