Let’s Start At The Very Beginning

It’s a very good place to start!

Thank you for visiting my blog! I’m so glad that you are here! Since this is my first “official” blog post, I want to paint the Project SHINE blog landscape a bit for you.

This is my 5th year blogging. Historically I have posted whenever God lays something on my heart to share. He gives me a lot of material, so I plan on posting here several times a week. I plan to continue to use this blog to share my stories of adventure with Weird God.

Keep in mind that I am not teaching or counseling, just sharing my true stories with you. My goal is that through my stories you will encounter the love of The Father and you will be inspired to go live your adventure with God. Some of my stories sound more like fiction than memoires. I assure you, all details are true. I don’t need to inflate or exaggerate God…He is already bigger than life!

The rest of my blog will make more sense if you get to know my main characters. I will begin by introducing you to Weird God, Jesus, and Hank. They are the main characters…The Trinity. With apologies to the Bible Belt , my trinity is NOT The Father, The Son, and The Holy Bible.

Are you ready to meet Weird God? It is a long post because He is an important character. I encourage you to not get lost in the length of the post. You might miss the adventure that He is setting up right in front of us!

It all began one ordinary day when a small gold snail started climbing our pool wall…

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