Weird God and Phones

Last week I found myself lamenting to God.

When a circumstance hits me fast and I don’t have time to seek Him, my default reactions are fear, confusion, intimidation, self-reliance, and often anger. I told God that I know better than to operate out of these things and that I am frustrated that they are my “default settings.”

I then remembered that I once had to reset my phone back to default factory settings. What a cool concept! I found myself asking God to please reset my default settings back to His original design for me.

I felt super clever asking this of God. I just knew He was proud of me and would respond with something profound. Imagine my frustration when an awkward silence was followed with this statement…

“Janna I didn’t come to fix your old phone. I came so that you could have a new phone.”

He is right. He didn’t come to fix our old lives. He came to give us a new life! It is no longer I who live but CHRIST IN ME. The old phone…I mean man, is gone. Why resurrect a relic when there is a shiny new phone…I mean life, available to us?

Point taken. My new request is that my new phone have a wisdom upgrade 🙂

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