But Suddenly

But Suddenly…

Waiting. Hope deferred. Dreams put on hold. Extended dry seasons. The times when God feels far away and circumstances seem irreversible. Enemies rise up. All around you others have breakthrough, favor, and blessings. Not you. You cry out for the voice of God, but all you get are voices of condemnation, guilt, and shame screaming back at you. Trampled down. Hopeless. Fear replaces confidence. Discouragement gives way to depression. Alone you wait, and alone you think. You think you are invisible. You think God can’t or you think God won’t. Stuck. So very stuck. You have been contending, but you no longer know for what you have been contending.

Ever been there? Are you there now? So were many others before you. In fact, the Bible is FULL of stories of both individuals and entire nations that were where you are. Israel. King David. The disciples. The prophets.  Apostle Paul.  All stuck at some point. But suddenly…

That’s right. They all had a “but suddenly” that changed their trajectory. In fact, the word “suddenly” in written 87 different times in the Bible.

Suddenly an angel appeared.

Suddenly a mighty rushing wind came.

Suddenly an enemy was struck down.

Suddenly they saw Jesus.

Suddenly a wall of water came down and crushed the enemy.

Suddenly there was water, oil, food, or money.

Suddenly the multitude of the heavenly army joined them.

Suddenly there was a light from the sky.

Suddenly an earthquake opened the doors and broke the chains.

Suddenly the wall came crashing down.

There is no situation too desperate, dark, or irreversible that God can’t redeem in an instant. We can never run too far or sin so badly that our purpose can’t be redeemed in an instant.

Finances redeemed.

Relationships redeemed.

Time Redeemed.

Health Redeemed.

Trauma and loss redeemed.

Orphan spirit redeemed.

God loves to send us a personal “but suddenly” from heaven to pierce through our situations. And He does it when we least expect it and most need it.

I am praying over you that today will be the day that you SUDDENLY have the breakthrough that you have been contending for. I keep hearing “redeeming what was lost” and “restoring innocence” I release that over you today in Jesus name.

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