The Fracturing of a Paradigm (part 1)

I recently heard the testimony of a mom whose newborn baby died…and miraculously came back to life. The mom is a Christian, yet openly acknowledged the trauma that she experienced. Her story shifted my paradigm. No, more accurately it FRACTURED my paradigm.

Caution, vulnerable post ahead.

PARADIGM: Light and dark cannot coexist (John 1:5). Love and fear cannot coexist (1 John 4:18). Likewise, miracles and trauma cannot coexist (Janna 3:16).

PARADIGM SHIFT: Janna 3:16 is not necessarily accurate.


How is trauma defined? Is it defined as the absence of a miracle? And how is a miracle defined? Is it defined as the absence of a trauma? If both a miracle and a trauma coexist in the same moment, then what has been experienced? Is that moment characterized by trauma or miracle? How was that moment stored in our soul and in our bodies?

I had very firm opinions on the subject of trauma. For example…

Trauma isn’t “a thing”. The blood of Christ is “a thing”. If we believe that the blood of Christ is enough to cover everything, logically that includes trauma. We are either living to the cross, or from the cross. Those who live FROM the cross believe in its finished work. Trauma was finished on the cross. We are a new creation. We switched bloodlines. Trauma doesn’t cross bloodlines.

But my opinions were also very personal. Yes, I have walked through deep waters. But the miracles experienced in those deep waters were tangible. Examining whether the deep waters were traumatic wasn’t an option for me. That would make me a fraud. I openly testify to the miracles. I cannot openly confess trauma out of the same mouth without being exposed as a fraud. So, I never bothered to examine why I was experiencing symptoms of ptsd. I just overlooked them.

Further solidifying my rock solid anti-trauma stance were the words of my favorite Evangelist. He strongly cautions against revisiting our past. When we focus on our past, our focus is on us and not on God. That leaves us vulnerable to the enemy. We weren’t created to be self focused, we were created to be SON focused. “Never revisit your testimony outside of the blood of Jesus”, he says.

So what’s a girl to do?

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