“No Matthew, you didn’t lose any time. It just got rearranged. You are gaining it all back now.” (The Chosen Season 2 episode 2)

Phillip’s words to Matthew speak such life! They are timeless. And they are for me too.

I woke up one morning as if from a deep slumber only to discover that I had turned 40 and had 4 kids. The possibility that my dreams might outnumber my days caused my heart such grief.

I cried out “REDEMPTION! Redeem the time that the enemy has stolen! Redeem the days, months, and years that have been trapped by trauma, striving, fear, exhaustion, bondage, and misunderstanding. Recompense!”

Not surprisingly, He answered through a TV series and a song. So I declare over everyone feeling trapped by their own timeline that God is redeeming your time! Time was only rearranged. It wasn’t lost. What you thought you lost you are actually gaining back RIGHT NOW in Jesus name!

And if you haven’t started watching The Chosen yet, what are you waiting for? I highly recommend it. I experience Jesus in this series much like I experience Weird God. He isn’t at all what you’d expect, but He is the fulfillment of our hearts greatest desire.

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