Kingdom Math (part 1)

I hate math.

Perhaps it is because I am not the least bit linear. If you ask a linear mind the shortest distance between two points, they might toss out a high dollar word like “hypotenuse”. But I am not linear, I am creative. I see the world in brilliant circular brushstrokes of living color. Clearly the shortest distance between 2 points would be to dance and twirl and not forget to stop and pick a lovely yellow flower on the way. Math has numbers and numbers have lines. How can I keep my lifestyle organic if math has so many sharp edges?

But Kingdom math is different. I totally get Kingdom math. Kingdom math is meant for the heart, not the head. That why I love the gospel. It is simple. It is meant for the heart, not the head. I think with my heart. Don’t bother to apply logic and reason to that statement, it won’t work. Trying to understand the things of God with your head is much like trying to smell the sunshine.  No matter how much I want to do it, it cant be done. 

God does math in His Kingdom with our hearts not our heads. For example, God used 5 loaves and 2 fish to feed at least 5000 people. That is an unbalanced equation. It doesn’t make sense with our heads. But what does your heart say? My heart says “with Jesus two unequal amounts are still a balanced equation”. Read it again. Let it sink in.

Jesus balanced the equation. He is the common denominator.

I couldn’t balance an equation even with a calculator. Therefore, based on the example above I can conclude that heart math>head math. Logically that must mean that Kingdom math is done differently.

I couldn’t begin to break down what math looks like when examined with the heart. However, I do see the concept of multiplication being used. If multiplication is what is used in Kingdom math, then I want to apply it to every aspect of my life! You know, on earth as it is in heaven.

A couple of years ago I started praying according to the principle of multiplication. I prayed multiplication over our finances. Suddenly we have bizarre things happening. We have a friend who works in a diaper mill. God laid it on his heart to donate free diapers to us. I had to get an MRI. We got an anonymous card in the mail for the exact out-of-pocket amount for the MRI. Then, a truck delivering mangos broke down by our house. The driver gave us free mangos. Bizarre, right? I’m just getting started!

We needed a new car and had no money. When we took our old car to be inspected, the inspector WRECKED OUR CAR driving it around the inspection building. Suddenly we were sitting comfortably in a new van that we didn’t have to purchase totally by ourselves. Another time I wanted a new car and it was too expensive. I told the owner that God told me that my next car would be no more than $5,000. His car was more than that. He admired my moxie so much that he gave me the car for $5,000 and threw in new tires and brakes. I started taking a class about leading worship movements. I needed a guitar but didn’t have one. A friend gave me a beautiful black and pink Gibson for free!

I began praying that God would multiply other things too. I prayed multiplication over Clara’s therapies. I prayed multiplication over her strength. I asked God to multiply her growth. I asked God to multiply the nutrition in her food. Guess what? She is making progress so fast now that her therapists are having to set new goals for her!

If multiplication is how math works in the Kingdom of God, then it is logical to conclude that division is how the devil does his math. You know, divide the family or divide the church. But that concept is way over my head. I failed remedial math. I’m so glad that I’m beginning to understand the principles of Kingdom math. It may be the only math where I ever excel.

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