For what are you contending?

This is my beautiful daughter Bella. She gets it. One day I saw her outside making a sword out of sticks and duct tape. When the sword was complete she pulled her hair back in a ponytail…and began slashing all of the imaginary bad guys in the back yard. #GirlsWithSwords

Contend: (verb) To struggle with the purpose of overcoming a difficulty. Antonyms: abandon, give up, dessert, leave, retreat.

I have heard God say again and again to me “For what are you contending ”. It is not a question. God has all of the answers, so He’s not asking. It is an exclamation! FOR WHAT ARE YOU CONTENDING!!!!!!!

What a beautiful invitation to seek God’s heart. What we are contending for is not nearly as important as whether we are actually contending at all. That is the real question. Am I contending?

I am reminded that the kingdom of heaven suffers violence and the violent take it by force. (Matthew 11:12). Notice that the Kingdom is not taken by those who abandon, give up on, dessert, or leave their cause. You can’t gain ground while retreating from it! Get in the game dear warriors and go contend for the ground you are meant to take!

Be intentional. Write it down. Then go contend for your family, your finances, your city, your marriage, your life, until you have violently overthrown all that stands in opposition to victory! You are not contending alone. I have my sword drawn as well.

In full disclosure, I am contending for truth. I am taking back ground that childhood trauma stole from me. I’m learning that some things that I thought were certain were actually just a trauma responses. Experiences that I had dismissed while looking through the clouded lens of trauma were actually God. What is the reality of truth when all self is stripped away? Where does trauma end and God begin? It is not at certain as I once thought. So I am contending.

For what are you contending? Id love to know! Leave me a comment below!


  1. Kathy Kubiak says:

    Thank you Janna for issuing a call to contend – I have been contending for my heart, and of course that always leads me back to my identity as a Daughter of the King and as a Worshipping Warrior! It is only through the struggle that lasting transformation occurs; we have to exercise our spiritual muscles to get stronger, and as we step into the battle fully, we partner with Him and start to truly see results! Thank you Lord that you have equipped us to fight from your victory!


    1. Janna Lynn says:

      Oh Kathy! Yes! Thank you for your transparency. It is so refreshing and so bold! I feel called to help the church become more transparent. I’m trying to lead by example. I love that you are doing that too! It takes courage 😉


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