The Belief Cure

John G. Lake was a missionary to South Africa in the early 1900’s. While he was there they had a massive outbreak of bubonic plague. Lake bravely cared for the sick and dragged the bodies of the dead away from the villages. Eventually Britain sent a medical boat with supplies and doctors to help contain the plague. When the doctors saw what Lake had done, they couldn’t believe it! He willingly put himself at the epicenter of a plague and yet he didn’t get sick. Astounded, the doctors asked Lake how he had managed to not catch the plague.

He said “I wore a mask, washed my hands, practiced social distancing, sprayed Lysol everywhere, and bathed in hand sanitizer. And then I got the vaccine.”

Has that response become so socially acceptable and familiar that you glided through it without wondering if that was Lakes ACTUAL response? It has become my conviction that fear is faith in the devil. Fear disguises itself as wisdom. It is “the way that seems right to a man but in the end leads to death” (Proverbs 14:12). This post is my heart for myself and the church. It is a call to action! It is a call to examine what we really believe. It is a call to raise the bar. I’m not writing as someone who has arrived, but as someone who is walking this out with vulnerability right here with you.

Are you curious how John G. Lake ACTUALLY responded when doctors asked him how he managed to care for e sick and dead without catching the plague? He responded “I believe that ‘the law of the spirit of life’ has set me free from the law of sin and death (Romans 8:2). As long as I walk in the light of that law no germ will attach itself to me.”

Broken down, the scriptural context for Lake’s response is that the finished work of the cross brought us the life of the Spirit of God. When that happened, we were freed from “the law of sin”. What is the law of sin? It is every evil that came into the world through sin such as spiritual death, disease, depression, poverty, addiction, early physical death, etc.

Not quite convinced of this truth? Neither were the doctors when they questioned John G Lake. So, Lake insisted that the doctors to do a microscope experiment. Lake showed the doctors that when foam from the lungs of someone who had died of the plague was examined under a microscope, the disease cells would still live. If they put the foam in Lake’s hand and then examined it under a microscope, the disease cells would die immediately. This proved scientifically the power of belief!

Again, I’m not judging anyone for their level of belief or condemning anyone for fear. This isn’t just another opinion about vaccinating and mask wearing meant to make you feel like you are on the wrong side of the fence.  This is simply a story of one man who raised the bar for the church during a pandemic.

What do you say, church? Shall we give genuine belief a try? History and science have proven that belief is a powerful weapon against a virus. The bar has been raised. Lets go eradicate this thing!

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