I Should Have Died In 2000

December 15 2000.

Around the time of my “wreckaversary” each year I write about my car accident. I usually write about how the news called me the “Christmas Miracle” or about how the fire from the accident burned so hot that it caused $250K in damage to I95.

On past wreckaversarys I have also written about how I was in the car when it hit the semi-truck, and eyewitnesses testify that I wasn’t thrown from the vehicle. Yet, I mysteriously ended up in the median with no burns but the ones from my airbag.

Lastly, I have shared in past wreckaversary posts about how the Honda Corp did an in-depth investigation of my wreck to try to figure out the mystery of my survival. They concluded that if I had hit the truck even a centimeter off from where I did that I would have been crushed.

But I have never shared this part before. I thought it was just too special to share. Or maybe deep down I believed it was just too weird to share. If you know me well than you know my obsession with Weird God. I’m out of the closet with Weird God so I might as well share the rest of my story…

The last thing I remember as I went airborne toward the truck was thinking “I’m about to meet God”. I was right. The impact of the accident caused a massive explosion. All around me fire was raging, yet I never felt its heat or saw its blaze. I wasn’t there. I was walking on the ocean with God.

No really….I was a little girl again, maybe around 2 years old. I was wearing a red jumper with a white blouse. I had 2 pigtails with red ribbons tied sloppily in bows. I was in Gods arms and we were walking on top of the ocean. We walked in silence, for we just understood each other. I rested my little blond head on His chest. My red ribbons flapped in the ocean breeze. It was a typical beautiful sunny day out in the middle of the ocean.

Eventually God stopped. He communicated to my heart somehow without using words. He shared with me that the whole world was His and that He could show me anything I wanted to see. I giggled and communicated to Him that I wanted to see fish. God smiled at me, then touched the water with His hand. When He touched the water 3 fish came out. They were swimming in mid air in front of my face. One of them tickled my nose. I laughed.

Suddenly I sensed joy in My Fathers heart. I looked up at His face. It was the first time I looked at Him. We locked eyes. He has gentle eyes. He was crying. He smiled as He cried, then He held me even closer to His heart. Gods heart spoke to my heart that He was delighting in me. My request to see fish delighted Him. My giggle delighted Him. My little crooked pigtails with red ribbons delighted Him. I was His treasure and I delighted Him.

My visit with God on the ocean came to an abrupt end. I was in the median coughing up blood. My head was pounding. I remember a man holding me up and asking me for my moms phone number. I remember the helicopter ride to the hospital. I remember the nurse with the green eyes. I remember my mom flying me home to Ohio to recover. But I don’t remember the flames from the fire…because I wasn’t there. I was walking on the ocean with Weird God.