Hank (Holy Spirit)

I am learning so much so fast. God has taken me on the most amazing adventure this last month or so. It is amazing what doors will open before you when you live surrendered to the One who holds they keys to all the doors!

To begin I would just like to state that I often find myself surprised about how much I don’t know. Many of the things that I don’t know seem to fall in the category of “Christianity 101”. I don’t know some of the basics. For example, I know about The Trinity. I could explain them to you in theory. However, I don’t actually know The Trinity.

I have had an ongoing dialogue with The Lord that looks like this:

“God, which one of you do I address in prayer? If You are in Heaven and The Holy Spirit (HS) is on earth, then do I pray to HS and He relays the message back up to you? Or, if Jesus is in my heart then does He make intercession FOR me from IN me? Is Jesus seated at Gods right hand or in my actual heart? Is asking Jesus into a heart even a real thing? I confessed with my mouth and believed in my heart that Jesus is Lord. Does that mean that He literally resides in my heart organ? Or, is my heart a metaphor for my mind,will, and emotions? In that case Jesus actually dwells in my soul? And who in the world is the HS and what exactly is His role in my life? Why do some people call Him THE HS and others call Him just HS? I feel Him all over me. Does that mean I am “filled with Him”? Is He like the yummy cream filling in a Twinkie? Please God settle this for me!”

You know a story is going to be good when someone prefaces it by saying “I couldn’t make this stuff up if I tried”! Well, this is going to be a doozie. Disclaimer: This post may challenge your religious thinking. Not everyone lives life expecting weird supernatural encounters. No worries friend. I didn’t used to either. Once I learned that the word “weird” is actually defined as “pertaining to destiny”, I started embracing the weird. I own it now 🙂

So one day I was driving alone in the car and I struck up a conversation with whatever part of The Trinity was listening. I made a wild guess and pictured the HS sitting in the passenger seat. I was complaining about how frustrated I get when my kids ignore me. I asked for extra grace and wisdom to run my home. I told The HS that I bet He could relate. It seems as though He is the most ignored person in the church. (Solid burn)

What happened next was most unexpected. My “invisible passenger” suddenly spoke up. He said “You are having trouble understanding me because of my name. HS is an adjective and what you need is a noun. Please, call me Hank.”

Me: (almost driving off of the road) “Get behind me satan! Um, I mean, WHAT WAS THAT? HS did you just casually invite me to call you HANK??!! If it was really You then You would have known about me that the only thing I would find more confusing than calling you HS is calling you Hank! I picture a hitchhiker in a red flannel shirt when I hear the name “Hank”. I ain’t doin’ it.

I proceeded to turn my back toward the passenger seat in an effort to ignore my weird passenger. Before I did I got the impression that He had big gentle brown eyes, dark hair and a beard, an actual red flannel shirt, and a big smile. The smile stuck with me. It was the smile that one only has when they know something that you don’t know. It was more of a very joyful smirk. Maybe the church has it right. Maybe He is the weird One of The Trinity. Maybe He has gone rogue. Maybe I should just join them in ignoring Him.

A few days passed. I began questioning if any of that had actually happened. Out of nothing more than morbid curiosity I decided to look up what the name “Hank” means. I have learned That God often times hides meaning in names. I was hoping that definition would help to settle in my heart that I wasn’t actually certifiably crazy.

I now understand why my invisible hitchhiking passenger was smiling so big. It turns out He did know something that I didn’t know. The name “Hank” means “authority of the home”. If I had been driving when I read that I would have most assuredly run off of the road! Only My God could put an end to my confusion AND define His Spirit’s roll in my life with just one word! He is Hank, and He is in charge of my home.

I smiled a smug smile of my own. It WAS God talking to me (through the HS) and I wasn’t actually crazy! I smiled even bigger as I thought about being welcomed by God to go casual with Him. He created the world, yet He gave me a personal name for Him. Lastly, I smiled as the following scenario played out in my head…

“Kids! You better stop ignoring me and pay attention! Don’t you make me get Hank!”

A few weeks have past now and I am getting comfortable with Hank. I call on Him by name to guide me in affairs of my home. I even have the best visual of Him now. I picture myself sitting down and having a casual conversation with this guy…